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Project Supporting Members

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

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My working and personal passion is animal welfare. I am Professional Development Lead for Vetpol UK supporting the learning and development of all working within both veterinary practice and SQPs within pet retail and agriculture merchants. I also work within Scott Hardings camelid consultancy team which visits 400 plus smallholdings clients. 


This combined work is both invaluable and influential in supporting my discussions with others as to how we manage our own smallholding sites in a sustainable way, this resulted in the acquisition of Billy Bottom field of 6.19 acres to develop practices and to be able to share and signpost to others.


In an ever changing world, to be able to highlight and share information for us all to make informed choices for ourselves, families, businesses and/or work to enjoy life in our own ways is my purpose for this project. 


Animal-mad Caroline also loves people. With a background in veterinary pharmaceuticals she is well equipped to train SQPs and give support to students: people development is her thing. Being a Director of Vetpol brings together all the skills and experience she’s acquired during a long and varied career. Vetpol Ltd is run by a team of professional people and is approved by the Veterinary Medicines Directorate to train, register and regulate SQPs working in UK businesses supplying veterinary medicines.

The Vetpol team has worked within or alongside the following: veterinary practice, pharmaceutical business, farms, farm retail, pet and equine businesses. Everyone involved loves animals, is knowledgeable and passionate about veterinary medicines and understands the need to educate individuals to support informed decisions being made within their chosen areas of work.

Scott The Alapaca Shearer


Since 2009 Scott owned and worked with alpacas, first as part of a successful small holding/large holding business, Spring Grove Alpacas and Rare Breeds, specialising in alpacas and rare breed sheep, whilst keeping cattle, pigs, goats, poultry, turkeys, geese, angora rabbits and ponies, Scott's first love always being the alpacas. During this time, he was also running on site educational classes for both adults and children.

Post covid, like many, Scott adapted the business (The Alpaca Shearer), he significantly reduced his own herd numbers and now offers a freelance consultancy service on the subjects of setting up and running a small holding, land/herd management, animal care and welfare plus specialist camelid handling, welfare and management services, with sustainability and the environment being core to all the work. Scott works with individuals, groups, education providers both mainstream and specialist and vet practices. Scotts client base from the garden alpaca keeper to commercial breeders from smaller trekking business to larger corporate animal settings and all in between means the opportunity to share and signpost best alpaca, smallholding and farm management practices. 


Evie G

My funfilled 17 year old daughter, studying amongst other subjects digital media studies at college meaning she is managing the Billy Bottom social page to develop her own learning in addition to supporting my own learning.


Jack G

My junior male support for this project – mainly wishes to know how he can support the cycling paths around Billy Bottom with some adventurous cycling. Never content with walking!



Emotional support for us all – being a spaniel he is awesome at emotional support plus he has unlimited energy levels to cover running up and down the Billy Bottom field slopes and enjoying investigating the stream.

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