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 to Nurture Nature Farm and Billy Bottom.

Nurture Nature Farm embraces everything regarding sustainable smallholding practices. Billy Bottom field is my first project which encapsulates not only my own working and personal experiences but collaborating with businesses and associations which support in serving to share and educate smallholders in working practices and methodologies that not only support their chosen way of life but help support the environment whilst redeveloping biodiversity.

My working life within the learning and development area of animal health especially over the last decade has highlighted the need by many to ‘do their bit’ and support the wider climate and sustainable life issues however this can be challenging as individuals without feeling overwhelmed by global needs.

This need to understand how to 'do my bit' has resulted in the Billy Bottom field project – my own experience with the support and help of others to manage an average  multi-species small holding site supporting both the health of our animals and our own human physical and mental wellbeing.

This website is just part of the journey and we are happy to see you visit.

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